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Thursday, November 1, 2012

#WePush2 First time I did 70 mins of continuous pedaling on the exercise bike - 60 + 5 “cool down” + 5 after I ...

could restart; learning as I go; don’t necessarily have to go slower during the “cool down,” though it might be a good time to really drink some water. Did around 13.8 miles in the first 60 mins on level 5 (best yet on current bike), maybe .5 in the cool down, and another mile on level 6 after being able to restart. Thinking about the 2013 MS Ride with a goal of beating my 9+ hours to complete the first day – 75 miles – in 2010. My biggest fear is the recuperation. It could have been coincidence, but the year after was filled with numerous minor health issues. I think drinking more water during the ride would help – couldn’t get enough afterwards last time.

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