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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I was looking forward to unhiding a lot of people today, or re-subscribing or whatever Facebook calls it this week. Instead, I've hidden even more. Yes, I voted for Obama, but I may never vote again. To already see the people wanting to tear down our country because their candidate lost is genuinely sad to me. I've seen pictures of the president with a noose around his neck and numerous status updates suggesting the United States is gone. The president absolutely needs to work with republicans, but he's now won twice. He actually won by a lot last night. That needs to be respected. It wasn't a "mistake" or "wrong answer." It was the democratic, American process in action that the people who are trashing the result claim to love. It's not a joke or time to look for the next candidate to scream about for four years. We all need to stop the endless election cycle and actually do something that improves the country instead of tearing it down.

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