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Friday, November 9, 2012

I decided to rephrase this from last night, but I’m still tired of people suggesting that they go to work to support lazy people under Obamacare. Well, no, you don’t....

The Health Care Reform Act has a work requirement. I specifically see many people saying this who grew up much like me -- white and middle-class economically, if not better. Some really didn’t work all that hard to get where they are. They started in the right slot, muddled through school, and got the career they always assumed they would. They also grew up able-bodied, and most of them work in places that wouldn’t even consider hiring me because I’m disabled. I know, most will say, “We don’t mean disabled people.” But that has started to seep into the public dialogue. And who exactly do you mean? Yes, some people scam the system, but that’s a failure in enforcement, not the law, and probably happens in as many “good” neighborhoods as the ones in the minds of people saying this stuff. Who exactly doesn’t deserve health care? By the way, one of these comments came from a person suggesting America died on Tuesday. This morning I saw a post from a serviceman actually saying goodbye to America...because he was leaving to defend it for 6 months. Try some facts before you gripe about having a job.

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