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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I’ve been doing an exercise of checking and the Fox “News” site each morning....

I’m going to stop because I think I can feel myself losing IQ points every time I go to Fox. Just this morning a sampling from the dominant stories on the alternative universe of Fox includes the story of e-mails taking credit for the Benghazi attacks under the huge headline “THEY KNEW,” another trying to turn Obama’s quip about bayonets around as though he, not Romney, made a clueless statement about defense, voter fraud, and “biased” reporting on fact checkers who pointed out that Romney's claim of an “apology tour” by the president is false. Meanwhile, CNN has the story about the e-mails, a candidate (shockingly, a republican) calling a pregnancy from rape God’s will, and, oh yeah, regular Fox contributor Ann Coulter calling the president a “retard” during the debate. (As far as I can tell the tweet from this bitch isn’t even mentioned on the front page of Fox.) Are we still at war with Eastasia?

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  1. missed the CNN "Dancing with the Stars shows Some Skin" headline.


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