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Thursday, October 11, 2012

I think what bothers me more than anything about Ann Coulter’s “white guilt” comment regarding President Obama’s 2008 ...

victory in the election is the condescending attitude it exhibited that people with disabilities also see so often. We expect the racism from her and Fox “News” – that’s old albeit still tiresome. But the elitist attitude that suggests that the only way a black man won the presidency was through some baseless notion that America felt guilty is just as disgusting. I once heard a co-worker, equally as ignorant as Coulter and as incompetent as her interviewer, Megyn Kelly, frustrated with her computer say, “Give me Rob’s computer, he doesn’t do anything anyway.” I sat right next to woman, who was openly known as the office idiot, and I got a newer computer when I was hired due to the lack of accessibility features on the company’s existing computers. At the time I was an assistant editor still thinking I could build a career in the corporate world and didn’t have the guts to tell-off the bitch. Nor did I register an official complaint because despite the ADA bashers who say otherwise, most of us are taught that making such complaints merely backfires. My co-worker, of course, didn’t face any repercussions. Coulter shouldn’t be afforded the same luxury. Any other network that allows an elitist like Coulter, who can’t conceive of the notion that Barack Obama was elected based on his ideas for the country and was a better choice than a ticket that included an airhead like Sarah Palin and instead excuses it with her prejudiced notions, on their air without revealing her as the joke that she is lowers itself to the level Fox “News.”

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