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Thursday, October 25, 2012

#WePush2 Stretched AT the gym as opposed to BEFORE leaving the house and had my best ride on the new exercise bike w/ 13.59 in 60 mins....

Also tinkered with how to get around the 60 min limit the gym puts on the bikes. Hoping to really improve on the bike in the coming year.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I’ve been doing an exercise of checking and the Fox “News” site each morning....

I’m going to stop because I think I can feel myself losing IQ points every time I go to Fox. Just this morning a sampling from the dominant stories on the alternative universe of Fox includes the story of e-mails taking credit for the Benghazi attacks under the huge headline “THEY KNEW,” another trying to turn Obama’s quip about bayonets around as though he, not Romney, made a clueless statement about defense, voter fraud, and “biased” reporting on fact checkers who pointed out that Romney's claim of an “apology tour” by the president is false. Meanwhile, CNN has the story about the e-mails, a candidate (shockingly, a republican) calling a pregnancy from rape God’s will, and, oh yeah, regular Fox contributor Ann Coulter calling the president a “retard” during the debate. (As far as I can tell the tweet from this bitch isn’t even mentioned on the front page of Fox.) Are we still at war with Eastasia?

Monday, October 22, 2012

Don’t know if I find this disturbing (because it exists) or encouraging, but ...

I just saw odds on the presidential election. Barack Obama is -165 to win, meaning he’s favored, while Mitt Romney is +145. (For the uninitiated, a bettor would have to risk $165 to win $100 on President Obama, while $100 on Romney would bring in $145 if he won.) In the sports world, these are significant odds making Romney, well, a pretty big ‘dog. Regardless, many thanks to whomever put tonight’s final debate against the NLCS Game 7 and Monday Night Football. I won’t be watching politics. I’ve had enough of the one-liners and made my decision long ago.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

#WePush2 Strong workout on the exercise bike - 13.17 miles / 60 mins / level 5; one of best since ...

changing gyms/bike in March; stretch I recently learned for the hip paying off in conjunction with my usual hamstring stretch. Trying to get back to 1 hour a day with my hamstrings.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What I Saw from the Presidential Debate

          Maybe someday our media will grow up enough not to talk about “winners” and “losers” in a presidential debate. Maybe someday they won’t bore us with interviews after the debates with people offering rehearsed talking points and nothing but spin. Maybe someday catching the republican candidate in a blatant lie won’t cause Fox “News” to call the moderator biased, though I seriously doubt it. Actually, what we should hope for is that someday our country will grow up enough to not allow the republican PR station to pretend it’s a news network.

          I didn’t see the entire debate because I’m sick of being lied to by republicans and watching neither candidate answer a question. I did see President Obama not answer a question about capping gas prices, though Romney followed suit. I saw Romney steer every question he didn’t answer back to the economy, which he seems to think went bad the day Obama took office. It didn’t. I also saw Romney talk about women needing flexible hours so that they could get home and whip up a meal, which was only a little less creepy than the mention of the binders of women candidates he had to ask for to find viable female candidates for his gubernatorial administration.

          I’m tempted to say at least women’s employment issues were discussed as opposed to those of people with disabilities, but maybe we’re better off. How creepy would that have gotten? I’d give 5-to-1 odds Romney would have spit out the word inspirational in discussing an employee with a disability. Of course, the accepted number of unemployment among people with disabilities has risen from 75% to 80% recently, so the president doesn’t have anything to brag about. Maybe I’m being ungrateful. After all, there was a debate specifically on disability issues . . . that neither candidate attended and wasn’t televised.

          I also saw the attacks in Libya become a political volleyball. I’m not sure when exactly it became a bad thing to take the time to figure out what the hell happened in a terrorist attack, but that seemed to be the message the republicans were pushing.

          This actually started out as a tweet and I was tempted to leave it under that label as I don’t have a polished ending. But, then I realized, neither does the political process.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Slightly depressing conversation about the state of publishing this weekend. Opinion was ...

if youre not writing about werewolves, no one wants to publish your work. I wasnt speaking to an expert, but someone on the periphery of the business. Im not a book worm so maybe Im part of the problem. Ive heard others say you cant get published without an agent, and agents are as choosy about the clients they accept as publishers used to be about manuscripts that they publish. Im not sure I buy the argument entirely  we certainly dont have a shortage of new books coming out. Is self-publishing the cause making it too easy in some ways to publish and flooding the market or the solution? Just wondering aloud.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

I think what bothers me more than anything about Ann Coulter’s “white guilt” comment regarding President Obama’s 2008 ...

victory in the election is the condescending attitude it exhibited that people with disabilities also see so often. We expect the racism from her and Fox “News” – that’s old albeit still tiresome. But the elitist attitude that suggests that the only way a black man won the presidency was through some baseless notion that America felt guilty is just as disgusting. I once heard a co-worker, equally as ignorant as Coulter and as incompetent as her interviewer, Megyn Kelly, frustrated with her computer say, “Give me Rob’s computer, he doesn’t do anything anyway.” I sat right next to woman, who was openly known as the office idiot, and I got a newer computer when I was hired due to the lack of accessibility features on the company’s existing computers. At the time I was an assistant editor still thinking I could build a career in the corporate world and didn’t have the guts to tell-off the bitch. Nor did I register an official complaint because despite the ADA bashers who say otherwise, most of us are taught that making such complaints merely backfires. My co-worker, of course, didn’t face any repercussions. Coulter shouldn’t be afforded the same luxury. Any other network that allows an elitist like Coulter, who can’t conceive of the notion that Barack Obama was elected based on his ideas for the country and was a better choice than a ticket that included an airhead like Sarah Palin and instead excuses it with her prejudiced notions, on their air without revealing her as the joke that she is lowers itself to the level Fox “News.”

Friday, October 5, 2012

If I’m going to share positive messages regarding disability and accomplishments, I think I should share the other side at times. ...

Yesterday, fears got in the way of participating in a bike ride I wanted to attend. Plans to go with family fell through, and I was hesitant to drive a new road, drive home at night from the city, and wasn’t sure if I’d end up cycling alone (only because I hadn’t planned ahead and didn’t want to take someone else at the ride away from their original plan at the last minute). This week I have been working a lot on the book I’m attempting to self-publish called I’m Not Here to Inspire You, and thinking a lot about the teens and young adults with physical disabilities I especially hope will read it. As a kid, and even now, it would really piss me off when I let things like this happen. Of course, my mom and some others would tell me not to worry, it happens to everyone, etc. And they’re right, it does happen to everyone and you just have to move on. But there was always something about letting fears like this get in my way that bothered me. It felt different. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. I think the difference was that the people trying to encourage me weren’t disabled, so I felt like they didn’t specifically know what I was feeling. I could be completely wrong. But this is one of those things I think people with disabilities need to talk about more. I don’t know that anyone without a physical disability can truly feel the anxiety someone with a disability might feel going into a situation without being sure you have a grasp on everything you might need to do physically. Of course, plenty of people with disabilities can just plow ahead. We are as different individually as any group of people. I’m working on an essay in which I hope to introduce a hashtag for readers, especially those with disabilities, to communicate about their workouts. Something specific for us that says, keep going, keep pushing. It’s a message I think we all need to hear sometimes, maybe especially on days when we didn’t push.