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Friday, August 24, 2012

Sat in the "nose bleeds" accessible section at the Phillies last night while others w/out mobility disabilities helped fill lowest sections our tix would have garnered. We have to stop allowing leeches in the fight for disability rights, access.


  1. Actually, you can't buy these tickets ahead of time, which is part of the problem. You have to exchange tickets you buy for accessible seating tickets. So, if you're late like we were, you're screwed. I blogged about this previously, and actually had a quote from the Phillies saying they're not allowed to even ask what a person's disability is. Bottom line, they shouldn't have to. If you have a "hidden" disability, you don't need accessible seating. And the "heart condition" or the like argument doesn't work either - if you can walk through the parking lot around the stadium to exchange your tix and walk around again to find your accessible seating, you can walk up and down some steps.

  2. While I may understand, I suspect 'solidarity' with any cause from a fan at a ball park is going to be hard to ask for - PTTPD (post traumatic ticket price disorder) and all that.


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