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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I recently learned that the Chester County Book & Music Company (@CHESTERCOBOOK) is closing. I guess it was inevitable. I used to meet a friend of mine there for the occasional iced-T and my mom after she finished work for a quick dinner before my nephew’s games. I also took to doing a lot of Christmas shopping there. Not sure the kids always appreciated it, but I figured they got enough gadgets from everybody else – a book wasn’t going to kill them. Plus, it was just nice to see what was out there by doing something besides a google search. I guess I was guilty of not buying enough of the interesting titles I stumbled upon. I actually had them in mind for promotion possibilities for the book I’m trying to publish. I wonder how anyone is ever going to just “stumble” onto a book that they aren’t necessarily looking for when all the book stores are gone. I guess people can still do that online, but even without being a voracious reader, I enjoyed checking out what was “on the book shelves.”

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