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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hunger Games – Book Review

          Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games is one of the best books I’ve read in quite a while, and not just because I haven’t read nearly enough lately. In fact, if it wasn’t for an ending that didn’t quite measure up to the rest of the story I’d be tempted to call it one of the best books I’ve ever read.

          I feel a little silly praising the novel that much because it seems to be extremely popular among kids from what I’ve heard. Of course, that amounts to knowing that my nephew got through the book in about a day. I also read the book at an extremely quick rate despite going on a mini vacation just after starting to read. So, I might go a day or so without reading at all, but whenever I sat down with it I read large portions of the book. Normally I’m setting goals of how many pages I want to get through in a day.

          I found the story incredibly inventive as selected kids from different districts of a futuristic North America are forced to fight to the death once a year as punishment for a previous rebellion against the capitol. The main character, Katniss Everdeen, was very likeable from the beginning, and, while her ultimate fate is somewhat predictable, her compelling spirit leads to plenty of tension in this page turner.

          I’m a bit surprised Hunger Games is considered a young adult novel due to the overriding sadness that pervades the story due simply to the nature of the action. These kids have no choice but to fight to the death to secure their own survival.

          The ending comes up just a little short because the author seemed to be working too hard to set up the next novel in the series. That said, it’s certainly not a “bad” ending nor does it do much damage to the overall story.

          I can’t wait to watch the movie, and would absolutely recommend Hunger Games. It’s been so long since I tried to write a full review of anything – which I’d like to think of as recommendations or opinions at this point for various reasons – I’m struggling to remember the scale I used in the past to rate books. But after a quick glance at some of the old posts I’ve written I would say it is worth it to make a point read this novel.


  1. Rob! I jumped over here thinking you had seized the unique perspective of reviewing with both your hats on - Rob's hat and Rob's sports writers hat since who can forget the image of LeBron James reading the book in front of his locker through the NBA playoffs. Was the Hunger Games the missing piece of the puzzle for him finally winning it all? :)

    PS I totally enjoyed it and just finished it myself though I was on my library waiting list for the CD version for listening to while driving around or at Planet Fitness since earlier this year.

    Though I still think some sports writer somewhere is missing a golden opportunity to link the two. Hint just like the kids, Lebron had no choice this time.



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