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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Resisted the urge to reply to idiot commenters on @phillydotcom @danielrubin column on cycling around the Schuylkill. They weren't quite as dumb as I feared, but close. The notion that I'm just a disabled guy whining about my own needs competed with the ridiculous suburbanites-can't-talk-about-the-city BS and the classic off-topic babbling about the names of the roads. It's at the point newspaper websites shouldn't bother allowing comments. Ahhh, I felt better now.

For easy access:

A Facebook follower reminded me that to see the comments, readers must use the above address. Apparently, being signed in is also required - possibly that was the whole problem. The bitly address did not give access to the 60+ comments.

In responding to him, I added that I have already “ranted about commenters back when the same columnist did a piece on accessible cabs, so I resisted doing a sequel ( Those comments were outrageous; some were actually deleted after I hit the “report” button. I’ve been thinking it’s akin to beer muscles; the lack of ability to truly respond to these idiots makes them tougher. And dumber. Technically you can reply, but it’s not like a Facebook reply or e-mail; they only see it if they chose to see it by going back to the article.” At least with beer muscles they can get knocked on their ass.

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