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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Essay on Wordgathering

          I know that the following statement will make me seem like every other wannabee writer in the world, and I apologize for that in advance. I’ve been working on a novel a lot lately, and probably will not have an essay in May. I also apologize for the arrogance of thinking even for a second that anyone has noticed that I’ve attempted to turn Page 2 into a place where I publish a monthly essay.

          All of that said, writing the essays for this blog actually does eat up a lot of whatever energy I seem to have for writing during the particular week that I try to write one. Coupled with the fact that I recently turned 40 years old and feel compelled to finally publish a novel – something I’ve always wanted to do, and, yes, I know, this all equates to another ridiculous cliché or two – I have decided to make the novel my priority.

          However, I recently published an essay on a website called Wordgathering. Despite the editorial note at the end of the piece, I did not previously publish it here. It’s actually a slightly edited version of an introduction to a collection of essays I’ve been submitting to publishers as a book. Find “I’m Not Here to Inspire You” at

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