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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Anyone see @TheEllenShow put wheel decals on the @PushGirls chairs w/out asking? Maybe I'm being picky but it seemed inappropriate, esp. considering they're supposedly raising awareness. Personal space includes the wheelchair.

Resisted the urge to reply to idiot commenters on @phillydotcom @danielrubin column on cycling around the Schuylkill. They weren't quite as dumb as I feared, but close. The notion that I'm just a disabled guy whining about my own needs competed with the ridiculous suburbanites-can't-talk-about-the-city BS and the classic off-topic babbling about the names of the roads. It's at the point newspaper websites shouldn't bother allowing comments. Ahhh, I felt better now.

For easy access:

A Facebook follower reminded me that to see the comments, readers must use the above address. Apparently, being signed in is also required - possibly that was the whole problem. The bitly address did not give access to the 60+ comments.

In responding to him, I added that I have already “ranted about commenters back when the same columnist did a piece on accessible cabs, so I resisted doing a sequel ( Those comments were outrageous; some were actually deleted after I hit the “report” button. I’ve been thinking it’s akin to beer muscles; the lack of ability to truly respond to these idiots makes them tougher. And dumber. Technically you can reply, but it’s not like a Facebook reply or e-mail; they only see it if they chose to see it by going back to the article.” At least with beer muscles they can get knocked on their ass.

Caught the trailer for #Vegas,, over the weekend; looks good, glad to see @MichaelChiklis back in prime time playing a bad ass. Let's hope I'm not the kiss of death again; shows I like generally don't last!

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Essay on Wordgathering

          I know that the following statement will make me seem like every other wannabee writer in the world, and I apologize for that in advance. I’ve been working on a novel a lot lately, and probably will not have an essay in May. I also apologize for the arrogance of thinking even for a second that anyone has noticed that I’ve attempted to turn Page 2 into a place where I publish a monthly essay.

          All of that said, writing the essays for this blog actually does eat up a lot of whatever energy I seem to have for writing during the particular week that I try to write one. Coupled with the fact that I recently turned 40 years old and feel compelled to finally publish a novel – something I’ve always wanted to do, and, yes, I know, this all equates to another ridiculous cliché or two – I have decided to make the novel my priority.

          However, I recently published an essay on a website called Wordgathering. Despite the editorial note at the end of the piece, I did not previously publish it here. It’s actually a slightly edited version of an introduction to a collection of essays I’ve been submitting to publishers as a book. Find “I’m Not Here to Inspire You” at