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Monday, April 16, 2012

Title of this video scares me. a) Device does NOT make wheelchairs obsolete; b) reinforces negative stereotypes.

For easy access (I hope) click for video.

Tweeting from the Blog

          After some successful experimenting on my sports blog, I plan to begin “tweeting” from Page 2. My hope is that it will give the actual blog a little more life, while continuing to allow me to utilize Facebook and Twitter.

          For this to work, I have to put the “tweet” in the headline section for the blog. It may look a bit strange at first on the blog, but should be reasonably normal looking on the other mediums. Twitter will have a link after each post even when I’m just posting a “tweet,” but hopefully the wording will make it clear as to which posts are just “tweets” and which are headlines of full-length posts. On a side note, e-mail subscriptions should also be working properly again. If I “tweet” on a given day, subscribers would still only get one e-mail essentially with a list of the posts.

          I hope to continue what has become my monthly articles. I didn’t really intend to write exclusively on the topic of disability as much as I have recently, but I also don’t mind doing so. The monthly timing of posts was a bit more intentional. I just don’t have an essay in me every day – no one should – or even every week. However, I still think there are things worth saying that require more than 125 characters, and getting on my soap box once a month feels about right.

          The frequency of my “tweets” won’t necessarily increase – don’t worry, I have no intention of “checking in” from the gym or telling readers what a bright, sunny day it is in my area – but hopefully bringing them to the blog will make it worth checking out Page 2 more than once a month.

UPDATE 5/16/12: The automated services that send blog posts to Twitter and Facebook just, well, suck. Ok, that’s probably overstated, but they are slow and unreliable enough that I’m experimenting with manually posting tweets from the blog to each service. If a tweet is more than 125 characters, I’m just using bitly to link back to the blog.