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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Checking Out V

Last night's episode of V answered the question I've had during every show so far: How is this going to last for a full season?

Well, it's not.

V is gone until March, as all of us who have made it appointment TV found out last night. It just had that mini-series feel to it all along. I'm guessing the network is going with the FX style of a short "season," and they are just looking to stretch it out. Promos for the return of V should start any moment now.

Don't get me wrong, I love the show, which is generally a death sentence for any series. Like many, I'm fascinated with the idea that there could be other life out there in the universe. I was a huge fan of the original series as a kid, which didn't last very long after what actually was a mini-series.

The show has touched on some interesting concepts that I hope it will really explore. The questions that the existence of other life forms would raise for religion is one of the best issues, but so far the show hasn't gone too far into it. Manipulation of the media has been explored a little. I wouldn't have minded more on the political front, as well as the human nature to trust the Vs, which I didn't quite buy. If I remember correctly, the first episode jumped past three weeks or so after the initial alien arrival. I wondered why that happened until last night revealed the scheduling for the show.

Of course, I'm not suggesting V is a brain teaser. The show is focused on the impending war between the planets, and, let's face it, Morena Baccarin is just plain hot in the lead role of Anna, leader of the Vs.

Last night was supposed to reveal why the Visitors were here, which didn't really happen. Does it really count as a "revelation" in a drama about aliens that they want to kill the human race?


But we still don't know why beyond the notion that they are trying to survive as a species. And apparently we won't find out until March.

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