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Friday, September 18, 2009

Staying Quiet about Non-Advocates

Don’t say a word. Two years of working for a non-profit mostly funded by the government providing alternative financing for assistive technology used by people with disabilities, and that’s all I’ve been told. Let it go.

No one cares I was hired as a writer and turned into a poster child.

No one cares about the loan I was “asked” to take that I didn’t need.

No one cares about the public embarrassment of being unexpectedly called up to the microphone at a press conference, which I had declined to do, where I froze up due to my cerebral palsy.

No one cares about the patronizing attitude that I received from my boss.

No one cares that I was asked to write an article for their newsletter about an adaptive bike I bought completely on my own. No one cares that when I refused, I was called ungrateful for a job I never pursued.

No one cares about the almost total lack of assignments to write about loan recipients since early spring if not late winter as my job ended, suggesting that there is one more government funded non-profit merely draining tax-payer money in the worst recession since the Great Depression.

I’m told naming names would be liable, and that no one cares anyway.

Maybe someone should.