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Sunday, October 12, 2008

McCain Shows Class on Rumors, Prejudice about Obama

I never expected to write this much about the election, and I’m not dumb enough to think anyone is reading my blog to gather political insight. I really only intended to write about the election once or twice to make my own small statement that people with disabilities need to become part of the country’s conversation on everything and anything. My hope was, and still is, to say that simply by doing that.

Just last week I wrote about some of the condescension coming from the McCain campaign against Barack Obama, as well as their efforts to link him to terrorists. I honestly believe it was playing into the fears and prejudice many people have about voting for a black presidential candidate. John McCain was confronted with these attitudes at a recent town hall meeting he held (in fact, I think it was last night). Video is below:

McCain flatly says that there is no reason to fear an Obama presidency, and literally takes the microphone away from a woman saying that Obama is an “Arab” (she likely meant Muslim) and unequivocally corrects her stating that he is not.

McCain deserves real credit here. Sure, some will say it’s too late or that he flamed the fans of these fears that are based on race. True or not, he stepped up to the mic, literally, in what is quickly becoming an ugly campaign and said enough was enough.

While I’m at it (“it” is, I guess, saying things that may be pro-Republican), I agree with those suggesting that voting for Obama because he’s black is as bad as not voting for him because he’s black. Let’s hope the geniuses voting on this basis cancel each other out.

On another note, I think the timing of the release of Oliver Stones’ W., a movie about our current president that apparently makes George W. Bush look like a dope, is just as wrong as some of the Republican ads. It’s acting as free promotion for Obama, and, while I know nothing about the legalities of financing campaigns, it’s clearly skirting some of the rules of campaign contributions. If the film is based on fact, I have no problem with it. But the timing of it stinks. The studio will call it business; it’s really just bogus.

There’s less than a month left in this seemingly never-ending campaign. It would be nice to see more moments like the one McCain provided this weekend. Then maybe we can elect a president based on issues instead of insults.

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