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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Name

As I dip my toe back into blogging, I’ve combined all my blogs under one name – Rob Q Ink. I was actually able to get the name I use for my byline, but then I decided that wasn’t the best idea in the world. Blogs make it far too easy to say something stupid. I don’t need my byline attached, even for a few hours until I realize hitting the delete button makes sense, to a brain cramp. Of course a big part of this blog will be to pull potential customers into The Stores @ Royal Steele, which has my full name attached to it. But I still think it’s best to avoid slapping it on every post. People will actually have to click a minimum of two times to find out the full name of the author of some of the dumber posts. Most people either aren’t that inquisitive or “patient,” and those that are generally prefer reading things that they can actually hold in their hands.

Besides the fact that just about every other version of “Rob” was taken – I begrudgingly added the Q – the name is a nod toward my dream of writing for a newspaper as a kid, which I actually got to do on a small scale at the Inquirer. (It’s a possibly weak reference to newspaper “ink” for those who never had the pleasure of washing their hands after turning actual newspaper pages.) It also works as a homophone for Rob Q. Inc., which appeased the side of me that still hopes to be filthy rich some day.

So, for now, Rob Q Ink is my new blogging home. I pulled in my old posts from Philly Sports Review and the Casual Critic, and have begun reshaping the Royal Steele blog. The two old blogs are now categories of Rob Q Ink, which I plan to re-start. I may even venture into some more disability issues, politics, and whatever else comes to mind.

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