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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Flippin' Around

As the winter doldrums settle in, I’ll admit I’ve had some trouble finding things to write about. There were a few things I thought would be worthwhile that just didn’t do much for me. So, here’s a few quick thoughts on what I’ve found just flippin’ around the channels.

24: I’ve never gotten into this show as I figured missing one episode would mess me up for the rest of the season. But I was bored stiff and looking for something to get into when the two-night four-hour premier came on. It wasn’t too bad at all, though I’m not sure what the craze is all about. It certainly moves, but it doesn’t revolutionize television or anything. The show grabs on to the constant attention threats of terrorism receive these days, but isn’t a whole lot more than a high-grade cop show. I already missed an episode, so I’m guessing I’m out of luck.

American Idol: I tried watching this show two years ago, thought it was fairly stupid, and checking in on it again did nothing to change my mind. Maybe it gets better after the open auditions, but I just can’t stomach it long enough to find out. As a wannabee writer, I know what it’s like to have your best stuff shot down. But some of these people are insane, and putting them on the air just encourages these morons. Watching Simon, et al, get off on being the self-appointed experts doesn’t do much for me, either. I will continue to skip it.

According to Jim: I’ve caught this on re-runs lately, mostly because it comes on before Friends. In fact, that’s probably the only way I would watch it — by leaving it on before a show I want to watch is coming on. There’s nothing that bad about the show, the woman that plays Jim Belushi’s wife is ok to look at, and Belushi is ok. Overall, the show just isn’t that good, though.

Deal or No Deal: This is the only game show I would want to actually go on. My theory is that if you can’t walk away with $100k you’re very unlikely or kinda dumb. As a viewer, Howie Mandel is very good. He’s genuinely funny, and usually tries to keep the show going. The simplicity of it is why the show works — it’s watching people risk money to get more of it. For those of us who can only spell Wall Street, it seems like a fast-forwarded version of playing the stock market.

The Office: I hate this show, mostly because it’s too on the mark. I saw one episode where they celebrated a birthday, and it reminded me way too much of my last job. It’s a half-hour every week of the awkward moments I used to spend most of my week trying to avoid. I usually skip it.

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