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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Dirt May Not Last

In the premier of FX’s latest series Dirt, Courteney Cox a good job of shedding the character of Monica that she played for so many years on Friends, but the show may not have much staying power. Looking to capitalize on our star-crazed culture, the show may get as repetitive as some of the network’s other shows.

Cox plays Lucy Spiller, a ruthless editor-in-chief of two of the most popular celebrity magazines. The show looks to explore the ugly side of getting the “dirt” on Hollywood stars. A couple of promising characters on the magazine staff may help the show survive, but there was a lot of focus on the celebs in the pilot. Unless they’re going to have a high turnover rate as far as the celebrities go, plot angles might be hard to come by.

Ian Hart stole the premier as Don Konkey, as schizophrenic photographer that stops at nothing to get the picture. He battles imagined demons as well as real ones, including the impact his job has on the lives of those he shoots. Konkey is the only character I really cared about by the end.

Spiller fights her own battles with what she does despite a hard-core exterior. Paranoia causes her to use an electric shocker on a guy she goes home with after meeting him outside of a club. Her character will need more depth to make the series a hit.

As a wannabe writer who dabbled in the newspaper business, I enjoyed watching how Spiller and her staff developed and maintained sources. However, despite their more intriguing methods of covering their beat as opposed to traditional papers, I doubt it will be enough to keep viewers. The flash of celebrity life may allow it to gain a soap opera type of appeal for some, but that’s not going to last with FX’s short seasons. Dirt is ok, but it’s just not that good.

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