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Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Thief Needed More

FX’s Thief ended last night, which left me wondering just one thing: whatever happened to the mini-series? FX has taken the “series” part of that term way to literally. Instead of a 3 or 4 night extended movie of the week, we now get 2-month long “seasons” of shows that constantly seem to be leading to something that just never materializes.

Andre Braugher starred in the latest version of this FX formula. Braugher’s presence carried the show, but a plot that simply went no where left him little to work with. Braugher’s character leads a team of crooks through a robbery of the U.S. government. An odd secondary story line in which he ends up stuck with his stepdaughter from an interracial marriage — after his wife dies in the first episode — is the main element meant to complicate the plot.

The tension between Braugher and the girl, whose long-distance father simply refuses to take custody of her, is real. Braugher manages to shoe a human side of a career criminal. But the relationship never changes, except for possible acceptance by the girl that her stepfather is her only option. Braugher’s loyalty is solidified, but never truly seemed in question anyway.

The “main” plot line is fairly ho-hum. Bad guys running from the law and other bad guys. Again, the tension built in episode one never moves. Obvious conclusions could’ve been made last night, and, in a way, things were brought to a close. Yet, I have little doubt that season two of Thief will appear at some point. If it does, skip it.

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