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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Excitement Wanted

Ok, so I’m not the only guy whose bored with his surroundings this week. Some guy named David Blaine apparently tried to set a world record for holding his breath. Here’s the funny part — it was on ABC . . . in prime time . . . during sweeps.

It gets even funnier — people actually watched. In fact, according to Bling, some bloggers had the nerve to be angry that the network wussed out on the promise that he would succeed or “die trying.” However, no one seemed bothered that they were dumb enough to watch a show on a guy holding his breath or believe that he would die trying.

Of course, I’m guilty of watching plenty of dumb TV, too. I’m practically addicted to Deal or No Deal. I haven’t decided what’s more intriguing: watching people get weak in the knees over passing up one-hundred grand or Howie Mandel offering the fist-knock to avoid shaking hands.

It’s so bad that I actually checked out Dallas Maverick owner Mark Cuban’s blog after he was fined for ripping NBA refs, and found a post on clickfraud. Can someone please tell me why a filthy rich guy even knows about click-through programs?

Of course, in the midst of all this, NBC brings the curtain down on West Wing this weekend, giving TV viewers one less reason to watch. At least The Da Vinci Code hits theaters next week. Still the best book I ever read, I plan to make it my first review of a movie “in theaters now.”

Yeah, I know, read a book. Well, I’m trying, and my review of Catch-22 will explain why that hasn’t helped my boredom . . . if I ever get through it.

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