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Friday, March 3, 2006

Random Thoughts

Malcolm Gladwell, author of Tipping Point and Blink, now has a blog. I’ve been thinking about Point lately, as I’m reading a similar book called Freakonomics. Gladwell’s blog seems to get a tremendous amount of comments, and a quick glance suggested it is a lot like his first book — lots of observations by a guy a lot smarter than me, but little practical advice. Nonetheless, I’ve added it to my favorites.

Giving credit where it’s due: I found the above at Blinq.

MC Hammer has a blog. His attempt to launch a comeback from the blogosphere has a few more-interesting-than-expected posts. However, I will not be adding it to my favorites.

A reality blog? I’m thinking of starting another blog just for Royal Steele Books. My theory is that my blogs get way more hits than my main site — after all, did you see the 4-for-the-price-of-3 link? — and “reality TV” is still hotter than any genre on television. I’m thinking about a theme of life as an affiliate, life as a disabled guy trying to launch a business, or a combination of the two. The other possibility, or to be more accurate the slight twist on the combo idea, that I’m considering is summed up in a potential subtitle: My Blatant Attempt to Make Money. As always, thoughts are welcome.

I went to the bank for the first time in years yesterday. I came out with a CD rate better than anything advertised on the bank’s site and a better interest rate on a new account. So much for banking online.

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