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Thursday, April 7, 2005

The Casual Critic — Monsters, Inc.

The kids — one niece and nephew — were around this weekend, so Monsters, Inc. was on tap . . . a lot. I was hoping for a classic Disney flick that, while catering to the young ones, didn't put the adults to sleep. Though cute at times, this one fell short of that possibly overly ambitious hope.

John Goodman is the voice of James P. Sullivan or "Sulley," the legendary monster of Monsters, Inc. His career of collecting screams from children needed to keep the power on in monster world is suddenly jeopardized when he allows a kid to crossover. Along with his partner Mike Wazowski, voiced Billy Crystal, he must put "Boo" (as Sulley dubs the little girl) back in her world before anyone realizes he is responsible for bringing the threat that children are considered to be into the monster's world. These efforts are often foiled by Sulley's rival, the mean Randall.

There are some funny bits between the big, furry Sulley and the short, little-more-than-an-eyeball Mike. But there weren't any belly-laughs. The story is rather inventive, though it seemed like kids needed more than my nephew's four years to follow it . . . not that it stops him from wanting it on! (My niece is just one, and was more interested in the clicker.) He did mention a "scary part" early on, so beware if your kid(s) frighten easily.

Most likely the numerous, closely grouped viewings soured me a bit, but overall this one wasn't something you'd watch without the kids around. So, unless you're babysitting, skip it.

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